Edgar Allan Ohms (FRC 5276) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015 - PLuGHiTz Live - Special Events - Show Notes

Edgar Allan Ohms (FRC 5276) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015

Saturday Oct 10, 2015 (00:11:23)


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One of the initial teams we interviewed when we started covering FIRST events was a rookie FRC team, Edgar Allan Ohms. The team was founded as the first FRC team based in a library, and the library took on the challenge because it was the biggest and hardest. What they didn't necessarily expect was the cost.

The team has now been around for a few seasons and has gone from a rookie to a well-known team. They spend a lot of time doing outreach in the community, including at the event that introduced Maestro Maines to the organization. They have also helped the library to introduce a makerspace which will be opening in the near future.

We spoke with Vishal Vellody, a member of the team, about his experiences with FRC and his plans after school.

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