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Pad Go Round @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Saturday Apr 18, 2015 (00:07:36)


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When tablet makers design their next generation, it often involves making them thinner and lighter. While that design process might make things better me, who travels with at least 3 in my computer bag, it doesn't necessarily make it more usable for others.

For example, as people age, holding a thinner tablet might actually become less convenient. Because of this issue, Roseanne Clementi has created the Pad Go Round. This product serves as a tablet case, while also providing handles on the sides to make holding it far easier. It also allows for wearing the device around your neck, both providing an easy carrying option, but also serving as an extra level of protection in case it falls.

The Pad Go Round is currently in a prototype phase, but is working on a release to the world through a crowdfunding campaign

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