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StoreHitch @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Saturday Apr 18, 2015 (00:10:59)


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Our theory of "innovation comes from things that suck" was proven once again with the StoreHitch by Terry Nehring. This product is designed to help you store the pieces of a hitch for a camper. The pieces are large, difficult to manage and often dirty from being outside and attached to moving vehicles. Because of this, storage can be difficult. This device gives you a secure mount for the vehicle which holds the pieces and locks them into place, guaranteeing they don't fall off or get stolen.

The idea for the product, which seems simple in hindsight, came about because Terry tore up the floor of his brand new camper while trying to store the hitch elements. After that, he set out to solve that problem forever, which he did. Recently, due to a change in his life, he decided it was finally time to bring it to market. After searching for other similar products and finding none, he patented the design and is working to bring it to stores soon.

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