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Athletes Performance Gear @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Saturday Apr 18, 2015 (00:08:56)


Episode Tease

A popular expression around our studio is "innovation comes from things that suck." As an example of this theory in practice we have John Hobbs of Athletes Performance Gear, who has created a dual-purpose water bottle for runners and walkers called iHydroRun. The bottle holds enough water for a normal run, but is shaped to double as a runner's weight.

This double usage gives you the ability to run with weights without the need to carry an extra bottle or pouch of water. Holding the water in your hands as you run helps improve balance and strength, the same as any other weight, but also has the added benefit of getting a little lighter as your workout progresses.

Worried about the bottles being too light? John has thought of that, too, and will offer add-on weights that snap onto the bottom to add more resistance when you need it. The weights are even stackable, meaning you can add multiple together to get just the weight you want. The bottles will be available soon through direct sales channels.

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