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Sky Racket

Sky Racket

Produced by Double Dash Studios

posted by Julian DeLisser

4.36 out of 5



Are you a fan of block breakers? Are you a fan of shoot'em ups? How well do these genres mix?

The Ups

This game has a very compelling and vibrant color scheme. Not only that, but it also incorporates very catchy music that matches the child-like and fun aesthetic of the game! This game was not too complicated to start playing and can be directed towards all ages.

The Downs

This game lacked much of an established Story and character identity. The game was also initially unclear as to what objects and enemies could be hit by my racket during gameplay.

The Bottom Line

While this game is easy on the eyes and sounds wonderful, the gameplay was difficult to adjust to due to the lack of information on how to play the game. There were small blurbs on the basics of the game but learning the enemy's habits was purely the result of trial and error.

Where To Get It

Online retailers


The Value of this game depends on whether you enjoy shoot'em ups and brick breakers. This game is a good option for people who play shoot'em ups and are looking for something new in the genre. The Brick Break elements that require you to reposition through the oncoming projectiles will either make or break the game for you.


Because this game is so distinct in its content, with its unique character styles, goofy enemies, and original overall look, there was not a very clear, compelling Story. I often found myself, when discussing the game with my friends, talking about why the enemies were the animals they were. First impressions also did not reveal much of value about the main protagonist(s). It is possible these questions could have been answered upon completing the game, but there was not much of a foundation to attach myself to after the first few levels.


Sky Racket mixes up the formula of classic side-scrolling shoot'em ups by having players reflect shots from enemies instead of shooting from the character model itself. The player then continues to volley those shots as seen in brick breaker games to clear the screen of enemies. The gameplay is very fast and requires the use of heavy multitasking. There are a lot of enemies to look out for, each with different abilities. Due to that, I had to hyper-focus on the game when playing it. This is definitely not a game you can idly play. The mechanics of this game were remarkably simple, however, in which you merely have to deflect balls and dodge incoming projectiles.

User Interface

Because this game is designed to be simple in its mechanics, there are not many facets to combating enemies. Other than swinging your racket and dodging, there are minor power-ups that you can collect (the only Level-Up System to speak of). There was no menu system to interact with whilst in gameplay.


These graphics were very cutesy and retro! This game definitely caters to people who enjoy a high spirited throwback-type game. Colors were bright and the animations were very fluid. The main downfall I noticed was the opening sequence. It was not as crisp as the rest of the game. Along with that, the enemies seemed a bit inconsistent. There were cat sandwiches, ducks, sentient bananas, and things of that variety. While they were cute, these enemies seemed a bit random.


The Sound files attached to the actions in the game were top-notch! Not only that but the music for each level, including the opening sequence, was very upbeat! The audio overall matched the tone of the game seamlessly and kept me in the mood to keep playing.

Level-Up System

There is no Level-Up System overall for your character but there are temporary power-ups you can obtain during the levels. Although they are very fleeting, they can be very handy in completing levels. You could potentially complete the game without the power-ups but collecting and using them adds a layer of fun to the game.

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