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Produced by Allen Dayan

posted by Daniele Mendez

3 out of 5



Settled is an adventure-based horror game with a captivating story that might just leave you feeling a little unsettled. This pixel indie game could be the next game you own.

The Ups

A thrilling story line that is aligned with user exploration to put together the different pieces of the story to see the big overall picture. The game metric37" class="UpStreamLink"> adds to the horror-based aesthetic and experience.

The Downs

Short game with very few Gameplay mechanics and not a lot asked of the player. There is no save function so this game is designed to be played in one sitting.

The Bottom Line

Settled is a game recommended for players who are more interested in a great Story and less involved in normal Gameplay. It is a walking simulator with a single button action prompt and hints of adventure and exploration.

Where To Get It

Online retailers


After accepting the game's flaws, it is a compelling story that did entertain me. You wouldn't really feel the need to play this game more than once - the story does not change - unless you want to share the experience with a friend. I believe that this game is worth its current price ($1.99 on Steam at the time of review).


The game's main value comes from the story. The main purpose of Settled is to explore your surroundings to figure out how and why the little girl died, which includes picking up items around the house, remembering major plot events, and experiencing nightmares that project your feelings toward the death. This story is both uncomfortable and eerie, but you may not be prepared for how it ends.


There isn't too much involved in the gameplay; it lacks depth. It is a walking simulator with clicking actions that allow you to pick up or interact with your environment. Overall, gameplay isn't the reason you want to play or enjoy this game. There is no winning or losing but you do have to complete the game in one sitting.

User Interface

For being a short game with no real game settings, the user interface does its job. When beginning the game, there are only two options: press Space to start the game or Esc to quit. Be mindful that there is no way to save the game once you have started it, so do not quit to the title screen if you intend to finish playing. After starting the game, you are then presented with the few game controls: the arrow keys, the spacebar, and the Esc key (to quit/pause).


The primary environment involved in Settled is the two story house with multiple rooms to explore. You have no opportunity to explore other environments aside from dream simulations and brief memories but if you are observant, some of the environment may alter slightly. Note that your surroundings are very creepy and can leave you uncomfortable.


This is an indie horror game that is advertised with its 2D pixel graphics. The graphics are intended to create a new level of mystery with less detail involved. Once the user chooses to interact with the environment, the graphics alter to more of a comic book style with more detail. I believe that the graphics are one of the defining characteristics to this game and really bring out the story.


The sound effects included in Settled really alter your emotions and flow perfectly with the storyline. I highly recommend playing this game with headphones to feel the full effect of the environment and the intended feelings toward the story. Be prepared for audio jump scares that, combined with the visual effects, has the power to creep you out.

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