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Review Guidelines

Review Style

At PLUGHITZ Live, we take our responsibility to perform product reviews seriously. As such, we never do a "quick hit" product review. Instead, we prefer to use a product regularly, as a consumer would, before giving a recommendation and putting our name on it. This means that the turnaround time on a product review is not guaranteed to be fast, but it is guaranteed to be a review we are proud to represent on our brand and for yours.

Our policy is not to perform a review for which the company is required to make a purchase upfront with reimbursement after the review is published. We will occasionally review a product we have purchased at our consideration, but for external consideration, a review sample can be sent to the address below.

Battery Tests

If a product has a battery, we try to perform a full battery test. For products like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, this means running the product from fully charged until it turns off at least three times. The longer the battery lasts, the longer the testing process will take. If a full battery test is not possible, for example on a product with a three+ month battery life, we will try to extrapolate the battery life based on our experiences using the product.

Editorial Consideration

The publishing of a product review is done solely at the discretion of the editorial staff, with the final decision resting with our Editor-in-Chief. If a product is defective or the value of the review cannot be determined, the editorial staff may decide not to complete or publish a review. This determination may also be made if a product is at, or is approaching, the end of its life.


If site statistics are needed for review consideration, full stats can be provided by our editorial staff. Our Alexa ranking is available here.


As many of the books we review are given to the AMRoC FabLab in Tampa, either as part of the review or following the publish, we always prefer physical copies to digital copies. This gives the facility the ability to get more people involved, and makes the book more valuable going forward.

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