Kurrent - A Modern Alarm Clock and Charger - Show Notes

Kurrent - A Modern Alarm Clock and Charger

Tuesday Sep 26, 2017 (00:11:19)


If you have been to a luxury hotel recently, you might have noticed that the bedside alarm clocks have gotten a lot more interesting. Most offer a large, dimmable display, with a multitude of charging options, making it easy to keep all of your devices charged. Now, Kube Systems is bringing that luxury to the home.

The Kurrent is a home version of one of their popular hotel alarm clocks. With two built-in charging cables, two USB ports, an optional Qi charging plate and an outlet on the top, this alarm clock can make sure you're on time, and keep 6 devices charged, all at once.

The company's Indiegogo campaign runs now through October 12, and has public perks starting at $85 for early birds. Our viewers are getting a special perk, offering the clock and Qi charging plate for only $99 (rather than the publicly available $115).


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