BackCountry Navigator XE - Outdoor GPS for iOS and Android - Show Notes

BackCountry Navigator XE - Outdoor GPS for iOS and Android

Monday Sep 25, 2017 (00:13:07)


Whether you like to hike, mountain bike, rock climb or participate in other outdoor activities, one thing that is always a problem is cell service. And while you might not be looking to make a call, you could be wanting to use a GPS to navigate a trail or mark waypoints along your journey.

That's where BackCountry Navigator XE comes in. This off-road GPS offers the ability to download maps to your phone to allow you to navigate easily even when you are out of service area. One of the coolest features is, to save you storage space on your phone, you can customize exactly what parts of the map you want to download, so you don't have to have a whole state, like with most GPS systems.

The BackCountry Navigator XE, which is the second product in the family, is available now on Kickstarter through September 28, with perks starting at only $10 for a year of service.


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