Audionoggin - A New Way to Listen to Music - Show Notes

Audionoggin - A New Way to Listen to Music

Sunday Oct 30, 2016 (00:10:38)


For athletes, listening to music is often an essential part of the experience. Whether running or cycling, a good soundtrack can keep you moving, even when you want to give up. The problem, of course, is that many traditional headphones can become uncomfortable for some people, especially while moving around.

That is where Audionoggin comes in. Rather than placing speakers on or in your ears, these are mounted to a hat or helmet. This prevents the normal rubbing between the device and your ear, making the experience more comfortable. It also adds a degree of safety because you are capable of hearing what is happening around you, preventing an accidental run-in with a vehicle or other obstacle.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through November 18, 2016, and has a variety of backer levels available.


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