Nixplay Eases Transition to Digital Frames [Live] - Show Notes

Nixplay Eases Transition to Digital Frames [Live]

Thursday Jan 30, 2014 (00:09:57)


We all have someone in our lives we would love to share our digital photos with, but who is just not ready for or interested in a computer. The NixPlay Cloud Frame is designed to help with that scenario, allowing you to upload photos to it remotely.

Another interesting usage is at a wedding reception. You could grant access to people from their smartphones and, as the night goes on, the frame, or frames, could constantly be receiving a stream of new photos that all can see.

One of the unique and really cool features is, if no one is in the room, the frame will turn itself off, preserving both the screen and power consumption. You can pick up one of the NixPlay Cloud frames, available now.

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Live segment by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Chris Montera, The Geeky Medic.

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