Netatmo June - Protecting You from the Sun [Live] - Show Notes

Netatmo June - Protecting You from the Sun [Live]

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014 (00:07:40)


While it may look like a plain bracelet, that is part of the plan. Not all wearable technology needs to scream "I'm wearing technology" and the Netatmo June will keep it quiet. This device does something unique in the wearable world, too: it helps protect you from sun exposure.

Using a Bluetooth LE connection to a smartphone and a metal alloy face that looks like a crystal cut, this device can track your sun exposure and alert you to dangerous levels. The charm can also be removed from the bracelet and attached to the body or worn on a chain, as long as it has normal sun exposure.

This is great for a day at the beach, an amusement park or any vacation, when we usually forget about how long we are outside, but can be worn every day to prevent normal over exposure. June will be out just before summer, so presumably in time for June.

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Live segment by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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