Amps & Watts - Speakers and Batteries for Mobile Phones [Live] - Show Notes

Amps & Watts - Speakers and Batteries for Mobile Phones [Live]

Monday Jan 27, 2014 (00:12:25)


One of the big ideas inside of our company is that where things suck is where the opportunity for products exists. One thing that sucks is playing music out and about on your smartphone and having the phone die.

Obviously, using the phone constantly is going to drain the battery faster, and as more music moves to streaming with services like Xbox Music, that requires even more power. How can you solve this problem at the park, for example?

Amps & Watts is the answer to this question. Producing a Bluetooth speaker that also powers your phone, Amps & Watts has certainly taken the problem on head-first. And, if portability isn't your issue, they offer products in a more Hi-Fi range for home or office.

While this might not be a problem everyone has, it is common and this is the perfect solution.

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Live segment by Jamie Davis, The Podmedic and Chris Montera, The Geeky Medic.

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