MXL: Enhancing Mobile Phone Sound Recording [Live] - Show Notes

MXL: Enhancing Mobile Phone Sound Recording [Live]

Monday Jan 27, 2014 (00:10:05)


MXL's Mobile Media microphones are designed to enhance the sound of videos recorded on a smartphone. Perry Goldstein said,

People will put up with grainy video, put up with shaky video - not centered. As soon as they can't hear, they shut it off.

It's true, too. Any time I see a video with terrible audio, I move on. This device, which plugs into the microphone jack on any phone, allows you to mount the phone and hold it with a mounted external microphone. You can also monitor the audio as it is recording.

When combined with a top-quality camera phone, like the Lumia 1020, this could be an excellent replacement for a larger consumer video camera.

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Live segment by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast.

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