Track Your Brushing Habits with Kolibree Conected Toothbrush - Show Notes

Track Your Brushing Habits with Kolibree Conected Toothbrush

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 (00:05:24)


As everything is quickly becoming a computer, or at least having a computer embedded, we are seeing some odd and creative uses. One of last year's surprise computer devices was the HAPIfork, and this year we have another computer you put in your mouth. Kolibree brought a connected toothbrush that allows you to track your brushing habits in the same way the wearable health trend is tracking your daily health.

One of the truly interesting features is the ability to create family profiles and even create competitions between family members. For example, you can pit your children against each other to see who brushes their teeth better. This is gamification of the real world in a way that makes everyone healthier.

The toothbrush will be available this summer and retail between $99 and $199, with the mobile app will be available for free.

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Interview by Chris Montera, The Geeky Medic.


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