PowerMate Bluetooth: TPN.tv Innovator Picks 2014 Honoree [Live] - Show Notes

PowerMate Bluetooth: TPN.tv Innovator Picks 2014 Honoree [Live]

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014 (00:04:46)


On the final day of coverage this year, TPN staff members awarded their favorite innovators the first TPN.tv Innovator Picks awards. Daniel J. Lewis's pick comes to us care of a regular to the TPN CES broadcasts: Griffin. Their new PowerMate Bluetooth is a wireless jog/shuttle designed for casual video editors.

This wireless device can be programmed to interact with many features of an editing application, such as scrolling through the timeline, clicking like a mouse, etc. While limited in its market possibilities, working only with Mac, focusing a product like this to amateur editors could have success, especially with a price point at only $59.

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