IonAudio Introduces a Bluetooth Audio Cassette Adapter [Live] - Show Notes

IonAudio Introduces a Bluetooth Audio Cassette Adapter [Live]

Monday Jan 20, 2014 (00:07:16)


Long-time friend of F5 Live, Eric Palonen from IonAudio, stopped by the broadcast studio to show off a product that will probably surprise you: a Bluetooth cassette adapter for your vehicle. While the cassette might be a dead technology, there are still a lot of cars out there with cassette players and no CD/Aux jack. This little guy allows you to connect your phone or MP3 player to your vehicle without the need for wires all over the car.

In addition to this little surprise, Eric also brought by the Flashcube. This second Bluetooth device is an all-in-one sound system, but with a twist. This sound system has flashing lights and can be linked together and controlled to blink together.

Neither device is available now, but the cassette adapter will run $39 and the speaker will run $129, both available this spring.

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Live segment by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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