Omnimount Makes Standing at Your Desk More Convenient - Show Notes

Omnimount Makes Standing at Your Desk More Convenient

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 (00:03:42)


One of the health trends in the modern office is standing desks. Standing more throughout your day can help prevent diabetes improves cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, no work environment can allow for a constant standing scenario.

Fortunately Omnimount has created a line of products that can allow you to use the same workstation for both sitting and standing. Our CES live studio broadcast desk was built using Omnimount's full desk option, but what if your desk is provided by the office and you can't replace it?

There is now a solution to this problem as well. Omnimount's Workfit is a desktop or laptop stand that attaches to the back of your desk through the cable hole and can be raised and lowered at will, similar to our desk.

These workstations will be available later this spring and will retail starting at $649. For more information about the Workfit series and the standing lifestyle, check out

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Interview by Jamie Davis, The Podmedic.


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