Scanadu Scout is a Real Life Medical Tricorder - Show Notes

Scanadu Scout is a Real Life Medical Tricorder

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 (00:04:46)


Every tech person has wanted a Star Trek tricorder since the late 60s, but this has been just a sci-fi dream... until now. The Scanadu Scout is a vital sign sensor that tracks five key signs by holding it above the person's forehead. It feeds temperature, heart rate, oxygenation level, blood pressure and heart ECG to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Through the app, you can create individual profiles for your friends and family members, tracking vital signs over time, allowing you or a doctor to look for anomalies. For people who need to have one or more of these tests administered regularly, this device and app allow you to collect the information without a trip to the doctor.

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Interview by Jamie Davis, The Podmedic.


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