Dexcom's Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Show Notes

Dexcom's Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 (00:05:35)


Descom's CEO Terry Gregg spoke with the Tech Podcast Network team on a new device coming from the company that monitors glucose levels in a whole new way. The Dexcom G4 Platinum glucose monitor is a continuous monitoring system that has a 20 foot wireless range, displaying trends and stats on a video monitor, and comes complete with a small receiver available in classic black, ocean blue and tickled pink.

Having a system that displays continuous glucose monitoring is literally vital for patients who require this service, because their bodies cannot regulate glucose on their own. A "Share Cradle" feature also allows users to connect the monitor to a charger and then share the data to up to 5 connected mobile devices. This is perfect if other family members or a caregiver needs to check up on the patient.

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Interview by Chris Montera, The Geeky Medic.


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