Fitbug Introduces a New Way to KiK You Into a Healthier Lifestyle - Show Notes

Fitbug Introduces a New Way to KiK You Into a Healthier Lifestyle

Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 (00:06:39)


After a pretty successful 2013 for Fitbug, they were back at CES this year to talk about their new KiK initiative. The endeavor matches up Fitbug's unique fitness gadgets with a fully-interactive application that gives users personalized health care planning, accompanied by a weekly goal to attain and how to get to it.

Chris Montera speaks with Fitbug founder Paul Landau on how Fitbug KiK works and what it's all about. Not only can you set fitness goals and achieve them through the system, but some of the health care features include nutrition and wellness goals that come with webcasts and helpful videos to learn more about what you're putting into your body. The new Fitbug devices also track steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled, and all data is passed through the Fitbug app and cloud system so that KiK can start tracking you effectively.

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Interview by Chris Montera, The Geeky Medic.


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