Higher Resolution for 3D Printing - Show Notes

Higher Resolution for 3D Printing

Sunday Mar 3, 2013 (00:09:08)


3D printing is a fairly fascinating concept: create a digital version of an item through software and then print a physical version of it. Everything from glasses to guns have been created using this process; even Nokia is getting in on the game with Lumia cases.

The problem is the resolution. Most 3D printing is done with a process that is similar to looping hot glue around in circles until it dries. This creates very obvious rings that make it hard to use for any kind of professional project.

Formlabs has created a new concept for their printers that uses a tray of liquid that is heated in very small layers (25 microns) with an even finer laser. The platform then moves up preparing for the next layer. The end result is a professional quality product with no major discernible rings.

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Video by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews.


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