A Portable Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices - Show Notes

A Portable Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices

Sunday Feb 10, 2013 (00:08:38)


There are many scenarios where the ability to charge a phone or other device is important, especially with the less-than-stellar performance of modern phone batteries. That is where the Nectar Mobile Power System comes in.

Unlike most portable power, this doesn't use a rechargeable battery, but instead used a hydrocarbon-oxygen fuel cell. Combining the hydrocarbon (butane) from the cell with the oxygen in the air, this fuel cell can produce enough electricity to keep a standard phone powered for 2 weeks. The cells cost under $10 to replace and are complete recyclable.

The system and cells will be coming to Brookstone later in the year.

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Video by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews.


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