Behringer Gives the Power to Record Anything, Anywhere - Show Notes

Behringer Gives the Power to Record Anything, Anywhere

Sunday Feb 10, 2013 (00:06:25)


For musicians who want the ability to record their gigs, or for creating a simple home studio, Behringer has created the iStudio. With this dock for the iPad, you can connect instruments, MIDI controls, mics and a lot more.

From music mixing through GarageBand to virtual guitar pedals through Jambox Pro, you will be able to enhance your musical life with the iStudio from Behringer. The device was planned for Q4 2012, but the introduction of the 9pin connector delayed final production. Luckily, we can still expect to see it released this year for $199.

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Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.


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