Control Your World with the Joystick - Show Notes

Control Your World with the Joystick

Sunday Feb 10, 2013 (00:04:08)


One of the best part of CES is the unique and the unusual. We have possibly the most unique and unusual device from this year's show, the Joystick. This little handheld device has the ability to control nearly anything in your life.

When paired with an Android phone or Windows 8 device, you can use the analog stick on the top as a mouse, similar to using an eraser head pointer on a Lenovo laptop. You can also use the device as a speakerphone for the phone/computer it is paired with, using a speaker designed to sound great for its size.

Now, pair it with your television and turn your TV into an Android device. Add in the hidden keyboard and 1080p screen, and this device is the only remote you might ever need again. It will be available "after carnival season" and will run between $249 and $349.

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Video by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor, for Geek News Central.


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