Always Know Where Your Luggage Is with Trakdot - Show Notes

Always Know Where Your Luggage Is with Trakdot

Sunday Feb 3, 2013 (00:04:36)


If you travel as often as broadcasters do, you know the intense fear of losing your luggage. If you show up in Vegas in time for CES and your baggage is in Chicago, it can make your week really problematic. While it is impossible to improve the airlines, there is a solution to the fear.

Trakdot has a product to let you know at all times where your baggage is. Using GPS, the device will send you an SMS to alert you of its whereabouts when it stops moving. If your baggage does land in Chicago, at least you will know where it is. Coming in April for only $49.99, the device will only cost you $12.99 per year.

A second model of the device, intended for people who travel with equipment, will incorporate a gyroscope or accelerometer to let you know if your baggage has been dropped and rammed during transport.

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Video by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.


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