Lorenzo Gonzales -Cloud Implementation - How Does the Cloud Happen - Show Notes

Lorenzo Gonzales -Cloud Implementation - How Does the Cloud Happen

Monday Jun 4, 2012 (00:20:16)


Lorenzo Gonzales is a Business Consultant for HP Technology Services. assists customers with real world environments which are by definition hybrid environments: Cloud services when appropriate and traditional environments with critical core processes.

Many clients are aware of "Shadow IT", but do not understand the scope of the problem - how many portions of the enterprise are bypassing official IT solutions. The role of IT has to move towards an internal consultative approach.

Mobile devices present a special challenge, in that "Bring Your Own Device" is a fact, not reachable by simple policy decrees to "not to use". Often employees have superior technology in their homes and will not accept a technology downgrade in their work.

Networking dependencies are a critical piece of the infrastructure that are often neglected, and the plan must include evolution of devices, storage and flexible communications to support essential services.



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