Lee Kedrie: Enabling Cloud Computing - Planning in Real Life - Show Notes

Lee Kedrie: Enabling Cloud Computing - Planning in Real Life

Thursday Jun 7, 2012 (00:13:21)


Lee specializes in developing cloud vision, and plan the transformation with customers.

While IT traditionally has been spending time in optimization, employing point technologies to drive out cost. Cloud computing requires a holistic view of infrastructure, applications, and operations.

Lee talks about the process used by HP, over a 12-14 week examination of the overall IT strategy for clients. Lee notes that companies that have invested strategically in bringing in experts to help with the development of a comprehensive strategy see the benefits in agility and savings from cloud based systems. Those who are thinking about cloud but are not investing in third party assistance may not be aware of the best practices that successful companies.

The workshop and consulting engagements are tools based, allowing consistent delivery of the service globally. Future state definition, baseline and gap analysis, culminating in development of a specific plan to bridge those gaps and set a plan to go forward.



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