HP Discover - Unstructured Big Data with Valerie Logan - Show Notes

HP Discover - Unstructured Big Data with Valerie Logan

Monday Jun 4, 2012 (00:10:25)


Valerie Logan is VP, Information Management and Analytics Solutions for Hewlett-Packard.

The transition from structured data, monitoring, and data warehousing to big data - tremendous volumes of unstructured data arriving continuously from multiple sources, such as the supply chain, environmental monitors, and transactions results in challenges in maintaining relevance to business objectives. Information is the new currency of business. The data itself is provided by consumers and end users, a goldmine of information in the aggregate.

The patterns and systemic view of how the information is matched up with externally available information is a primary task that companies face. HP brings answers to how to build a Big Data strategy, and then assist customers with the implementation details.

Valerie is responsible for the information and analytics theme of HP's global industry vertical solutions- focused on driving innovative, differentiated IP/product-based solutions. She is a Global practice leader of the information management practice within HP's Consulting & Integration services division, charged with facilitation of strategy setting, portfolio development, market position, delivery enablement and talent development across regions.



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