Nvidia Tegra3 Tablets Run Windows 8, Quad Core Processors - Show Notes

Nvidia Tegra3 Tablets Run Windows 8, Quad Core Processors

Saturday Feb 4, 2012 (00:07:39)


We check out the new Tegra3 tablets by Nvidia at CES. Amazing little devices, these tablets run Quad-core processing using ARM processors. HD video at 1080p, multi-tasking ability and a lot more.

With the new Windows 8 OS, these tablets look good. You can connect them up to a HDTV and do more from a tablet. Watch video on the TV, while you check out your Twitter on the tablet screen.

The Tegra3 tablet will be out later this year. I might even be mixing down video come CES 2013 using this tablet.

Interview by Jeffery Powers of Geekazine for the TechPodcast Network.

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