Luxonis is robotic vision made simple and for everyday use @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

Luxonis is robotic vision made simple and for everyday use @ CES 2023

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023 (00:07:31)


The technology that has been invented for and adapted into modern cameras is nothing short of amazing. The history of the camera is long and fascinating and has gone from camera obscura to early fixed images to dry plates to 35mm then instant and digital with a lot more actually in between those stages. And who would have thought that we would ever have mobile phone cameras that basically turned into full-blown photo studios right in our pockets? You might even think that we have come to a point where there aren't a lot more improvements that can be made. Well, think again. There is so much more that is happening in this industry and Luxonis is right at the forefront of some very exciting additions. Their mission is to offer performant products with spatial AI built in.

What is Luxonis?

Luxonis is determined to improve the engineering efficiency of embedding performant, spatial AI + CV (computer vision) into products. Per their website, they do this by both building and maintaining the open-source DepthAI ecosystem and RobotHub management platform. So basically, they build the core technology that allows human-like perception in real products - allowing 0-to-1 applications in nearly every industry. It provides for problem-solving that requires human-like perception but does so within specific parameters.

We were fascinated to find out in what industries we could find this technology at work. Basically, they are targeting multiple sectors like agriculture, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing to name a few. For examples of their efficiencies in these areas, their website and blog posts have a lot of different use cases available. One use that he described to us involved healthcare. These cameras are able to view and gauge things like patient stress levels to determine which hospital rooms/patients are requiring more attention from the nursing staff, even in the maternity and nurseries.

The lineup

Luxonis came to CES 2023 to show off their new cameras, especially the Oak-D-SR, Oak-D-LR, and the Oak-D-Pro. We spoke with Tony Rassavong, Chief Revenue Officer, who started us off with the Oak-D-Pro which has two stereo depth cameras and one RGB 4K camera. He explains that most cameras out there are 2D because that is how we see things with our eyes. But the Pro has spatial AI incorporated which is able to see things in 3D. These cameras are also able to augment robotics.

Tony's favorite thing about their cameras is the onboard AI and CV that are built-in. They are not just stereo dev cameras as the AI and CV are built-in and it's processed through the cameras. Pricing on their new items starts at $199 and their highest-end camera that is coming out will be $799. So they can really cater to all budgets. If you are looking to purchase one for your own project, we found the Luxonis Oak-D-Pro Auto-Focus Robotics Camera - Stereo Depth with Onboard Object Detection & Tracking on Amazon for $439, and the Luxonis Oak-D S2 Auto-Focus Robotics Camera - Stereo Depth with Onboard Object Detection & Tracking for $319.

Learn more

We invite you to watch the entire interview to find out about their cameras and uses and then for more information, please go over and check out their website by clicking here.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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