ErgoSportive offers athletes the best sleep possible @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

ErgoSportive offers athletes the best sleep possible @ CES 2023

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023 (00:06:35)


Athletes are known for their strength, their stamina, and how precisely they train. Day after day, they go the distance and push through any number of obstacles to achieve their goals. It is with hard work and determination that they are constantly striving to meet that next benchmark to ensure they are able to compete at top form and against the best of the best. Some say they eat, drink, and sleep their sport and the training within. And now, ErgoSportive is making certain that sleep is actually an integral part of that training.

What is ErgoSportive?

ErgoSportive is a sleep tech company that has developed a bed designed specifically for athletes. It's true! With the new technology that they have incorporated within their beds, athletes are able to not only sleep better but also recover more quickly while continuing to read and adapt to a multitude of biometrics. These beds combine a premium smart and adjustable base with non-contact biometric sensors to deliver an integrated sleep system.

Now, if you are like us, you are most likely asking yourself how a bed can be this beneficial. I mean, once you choose between springs and foam, soft or firm, regular or pillow top, what more is there? Well, you'd be surprised how far the technology in this area has gone. ErgoSportive prides itself on being a complete sleep system that is comprised of an adjustable smart bed with built-in health sensors and an integrated app that provides insight to your health, fitness, and recovery. It is actually designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

It does this, in part, by connecting to Garmin to pull in your daytime activities which get your stress levels and things like active calories into the app. It also has biometric sensors that are going to take your heart rate and respiratory rate. It will detect your various sleep stages and also your sleep movement. It can even detect snoring and automatically adjust the head of the bed for a better quality of sleep. Also, connecting to Garmin gives the benefit of added recommendations on how to improve your sleep and your performance.

Real-world ErgoSportive experience

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Burns, Manager of Business Development, about this new technology. Being an ultra-marathoner and triathlete himself, Kyle was able to discover firsthand the many benefits of this connectible, smart, and adjustable bed. So he was more excited than the average employee to try it out for himself.

He found that one of the things he really liked about the trial was learning the benefits of the Zero-G position that was developed by NASA for astronauts. It raises your feet above your heart which helps circulation, improves recovery, and also takes all the pressure off your lower back which had been bothering him at the time. He also found that he was more likely to ice because he would get in the bed in Zero-G position and ice his knees or whatever needed that attention at the time.

Learn more

This smart sleep system is an Innovation Award Honoree this year at CES in Fitness and Sport. They began selling in Europe a few months ago and have recently started selling in the US, as well. To get more detailed information about the company and the sleep systems, please visit their website.

Interview by Christopher Hernandez of PLUGHITZ Live Presents.

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