Aiper's Seagull pool cleaners leave cleaning for the birds @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

Aiper's Seagull pool cleaners leave cleaning for the birds @ CES 2023

Wednesday Mar 8, 2023 (00:07:16)


Having a pool can make your summer a lot more fun, but the maintenance can be annoying. Leaves and dirt are going to get into the pool whether you like it or not and can be damaging. Plus, no one wants to swim in a dirty pool. Luckily, Aiper has a robotic solution to make pool maintenance easier.

What is Aiper?

Aiper came to CES 2023 to show their line of Roomba-style pool cleaners, the Seagull line. "Cleaning is for the birds, so leave it to the Seagull" is the tagline that Brent Korner used to describe the purpose of this line of devices. There are a few models to choose from that we talked about at CES this year, but there also seems to be another model that has been released since we talked. We'll get to that one later. The Seagull SE, Seagull Plus, and Seagull Pro were among some of our favorite devices to talk about this year. Let's take a look at some of the details.

Each model has a one-touch button to start the cleaning process and comes packaged with a couple of scrub brush attachments, a charging adaptor, and a hook, to retrieve cleaner when it has parked itself and is ready to be charged. One of the best features of all is the wireless, hose-less, and one-touch capabilities that allow you to be in the pool while the device is working. It doesn't get much better than that.

Aiper Seagull SE (new)

The Seagull SE starts with a smart repulsion system that propels it around the floors of your pool. As water is pulled in, the water flows through a filter, then the filtered water is pushed out of the back. It's got a sleek design that would kind of remind you of the body of a Stingray, and a gunmetal grey paint job with a carbon fiber handle that is used for pulling the device out of the pool when it's done.

This model has about 90 minutes of cleaning time for the battery and will auto park itself at one of the walls of your pool when the battery is low for easy retrieval. It also only takes a few hours to charge, so a once or twice a day routine for this device should be super simple. You can get one now for $299.

Aiper Seagull Plus

The Seagull Plus model's design change is very noticeable, looking more like the pool cleaners we are familiar with, but with no hose and that signature design language they are using. The suction power of this model has a significant boost, at up to 68GMP of suction power for improved cleaning. This model also adds a second suction intake, one before and one after the scrubbing brush to further improve cleaning capabilities.

Seagull Plus also charges faster than the previous model, only taking 2.5 hours to get to full charge and the battery life is improved as well, now being able to cover up to 1300 sq/ft per charge. Other shinning features are the improved filtration and motor systems compared to the SE. You can get yours now for $399.

Aiper Seagull Pro

The Seagull Pro was their pride and joy at CES, calling this model "the Bentley of pool cleaners". Seagull Pro is packed with features that separates it from the other models and even its competitors. Aiper has trademarked a new technology that they like to call "WavePath". This navigation technology allows the Pro to take optimal paths for maximum cleaning along the floors and walls of your pool. Yes, you read that correctly, this model can climb, clean and scrub the walls of your pool in addition to the pool floor.

Due to this model's Quad motor system combined with the dual intake system, the device repulses filtered water at high pressure to allow it to adhere to the walls of your pool. Aiper prides themselves as being the only wireless pool cleaner on the market with a quad motor system like theirs. This model also filters the water through a removeable waste basket, so cleaning it out and putting it back to work is easy breezy.

The Pro model only takes about 1.5 hours to charge and can clean up to an impressive 3k sq/ft per charge, lasting about 3 hours on average. You can pre-order yours now for $899.

Seagull Elite Pro

Last thing I will talk about is a new model that was not mentioned in the video. A model called the "Elite Pro" seems to have a unique feature of its own to show off. This model takes about 2 hours to charge, runs for about 2 hours and cleans a surface area of about 1300 sq/ft, comparing it to the Plus model. Unlike the Plus model, however, this one can climb walls like the Pro version. The unique features of this one is a very large, spinning sweeper in the front, a filtering reservoir for debris collection and a detachable bottom for easy cleaning. The Elite Pro is currently available on their website and retails for $799.

To learn more about the products or to purchase one for yourself, head to the company's website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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