OneThird: Taking a bite out of food waste a fruit at a time @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

OneThird: Taking a bite out of food waste a fruit at a time @ CES 2023

Monday Mar 6, 2023 (00:07:06)


At CES, we always find the most wonderful new gadgets and enhancements to existing technology. But keep in mind that not every company or product on display here is featuring a new tech toy, better quality headphones or upgraded refrigerator that can do everything except cook a meal itself. In recent years especially, we have encountered technologies that are used to constructively help with some really important causes. And in the case of OneThird, assist with reducing food waste, both from within the supply chain and at the point of purchase.

What is OneThird?

We had the opportunity to chat a bit with René Clerc, the Senior Customer Success Manager with OneThird. The primary mission at OneThird is to systematically reduce food waste and food loss using their unique technology. The system is able to predict the shelf life of the produce that we buy. Statistically, a third of all food is wasted, and fresh produce makes up about 40% of that loss. This can certainly make a large impact on climate and the planet if you consider that 10% of emitted greenhouse gasses are caused by food waste. They aim to prevent this by making the internal quality of produce visible and then taking action to make a difference.

How is this even possible, you ask? Well, this is accomplished using a scanner they developed that is able to "see" through the fruit to determine the internal quality at different stages of ripening. Currently, they are able to do this for a number of produce items like avocados, mangos, strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. They are also working to add another 10 fresh fruits to their lineup.

OneThird's newest features

OneThird came to CES 2023 to specifically show off their newest item, the avocado ripeness scanner. Currently, when people attempt to check the ripeness of an avocado, they give them a little pinch. The problem with this, which most people don't even realize, is that pinching an avocado actually damages them by creating brown spots that in turn ruin them. Instead, their technology uses a non-destructive method that uses light scanning technology.

This type of scan analyzes the state of the fruit and allows for critical decision-making regarding the next steps. For example, during the distribution and shipping process, those that are less ripe can take a back seat to those that should be shipped more quickly. And on the other end of the spectrum, when making a purchase in the grocery store, consumers can choose the perfect one to fit within their plans and recipes.


We find this food tech startup fascinating and love that they are aiming to prevent food waste by improving cold chain logistics while also having the potential to make anyone an expert in shelf-life prediction. Their process has the ability of connecting and analyzing data between growers, distributors, and retailers so each can work together towards sustainability. We look forward to seeing how they progress and maybe one day be able to use these scanners in our grocery stores, ourselves.

For more information, please go take a look at their website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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