is making a difference in the movies we love @ CES 2023 - Show Notes is making a difference in the movies we love @ CES 2023

Friday Mar 3, 2023 (00:07:36)


One of the reasons that we choose to broadcast from the Venetian Expo Center for our live CES coverage is that we get the distinct advantage of not only seeing the various stages of the companies themselves (i.e. startup, growth, etc.), but also get a front row seat to see the progression of the technologies as they evolve. One that we always keep an eye on is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and although it has been around for some time now, watching its actual evolution from our vantage point at CES every year has been really exciting. Case in point, our interview with is a perfect example.

What is takes AI to a whole new level within the audio/video arena by providing next-generation storytelling tools to the motion picture and advertising industries. We've all seen on the news that AI is writing articles and term papers but that's not all it does and it was fascinating to learn how is using it to enhance one of our most favorite pastimes. Their platform uses AI as a content understanding system. This provides incredible potential in filmmaking as early as the script and idea stages. Basically, it creates what they call a cinematographic DNA of the media content which allows them to represent content with specific patterns and narrowband patterns. This highlights changes in genres like drama and comedy which are then analyzed, measured, and used to create new content. For example, they are able to use the various data points and patterns to tailor a movie for the intended audience.

All of this is done by running thousands and thousands of existing scripts through the AI, which then learns the repeated patterns and adapts them to new projects. And they can do this from written scripts and audio and video files. With the data produced, they are able to learn, for example, when and where certain variables should be implemented in the film for the audience to have the best viewing experience. Or, it can take in the contents of a script, offer potential edits and even identify who the best actors would be for the roles within.

How does apply this technology?

Per their website, they are able to offer everything from content analysis and financial forecasts to character & casting analysis, as well as packaging tools. Their platform is designed to empower traditional content creation workflows and help producers, distributors, and studios make smarter, more informed decisions. They have four distinct products currently available.

First is the Producers Suite with screenplay analysis, project package optimization, character analysis & casting proposition, and financial forecasts. Second is their Distributors Suite which offers insights on things like greenlighting, comparables, financial forecasts, sales estimates, and distribution strategy. Third is the Largo.AI Market which offers AI-powered matchmaking between projects seeking financing and distributors & financiers. And lastly, SOFY.TV which has content distribution on their channels, with also SVOD platform and TV channels are available for content shorter than 40 minutes.


To learn more about how their systems provide insights about the content, casting and even potential financial results, visit their website at

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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