fash\on turns your closet on with a digital closet system @ CES 2021 - Show Notes

fash\on turns your closet on with a digital closet system @ CES 2021

Monday Feb 1, 2021 (00:17:38)


Jong-Hyun Ko is the founder of fashon, a Korean company that has developed a Digital Closet tool to make fashion clothing shopping fast and efficient. It's a brand new company debuting its product at CES for the first time.

The fashon Digital Closet is designed for the customer who wants fast fashion products and regularly updates their wardrobe with the latest styles. fashon aims to remove the obstacles that currently make both online and off-line clothing shopping slow and tedious, by separating how customers get product information from their purchasing behavior. In the case of clothing shopping, fashon believes there's too much information for shoppers, who can spend nearly an hour trying to find just what they're looking for as they sort through product descriptions. Their smart Digital Closet solution aims to take the guesswork and the extra time out of the clothing shopping experience.

Company surveys show that people wear 10-20 sets of clothing per season, so what they really want, Jong-Hyun believes, is to buy clothes in their style to mix and match what they already have in their closet. Therefore, the best way to get good fashion recommendations and purchase options are to show clothing stores what's actually in your closet.

fashon is a digital tool that does just that, making your closet "smart" and channeling your personal styling into a subscription service. With the tag line, "Turn your Closet On", the device and companion app help you get personalized and fast styling service, allowing you to shop online or off at your favorite retailers. You register your size with your favorite shops, then take photos of your current clothing collection, and add them to the app to find complementary clothing by color or style at your favorite clothing stores quickly and easily.

To learn more, visit the company's website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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