Mighty Health keeps your body in shape and your mind alert @ CES 2021 - Show Notes

Mighty Health keeps your body in shape and your mind alert @ CES 2021

Saturday Jan 30, 2021 (00:08:57)


As folks age, their health needs slowly change, sometimes to the point that they don't realize their decline. James Li, co-founder, and CEO of Mighty Health tells of the time his father was rushed into the hospital for emergency open-heart surgery. He was told in no uncertain terms that he either must change his current diet and lifestyle or he would be back in three to six months, even though the surgery was successful. Out of this scary experience came Mighty Health, a nutrition and lifestyle program designed especially for those over 50 years of age. James described it as a virtual YMCA.

As we age, it's natural that we cannot do things as we used to that requires regular exercise or physical stamina. Older people's needs are much different for fitness. Maybe it's running a 5K or doing weights that are not working the way that they used to. Another common problem is joint pain. These days we are very restricted from going to places that many people share a limited area due to COVID-19. This has many negative repercussions, one of which is loneliness and isolation, which is definitely a contributor to poor health, both mental and physical. Not only are there nutritional classes and workout videos, but just by being involved in this program, you'll find yourself in a community of people who are just like you. This is 360 support for you and you find that you are not in this alone.

The program has cardiologists and fitness trainers from all over the world who will guide you through the journey to better health through your nutrition and exercise program. Mighty Health will also send alerts to your family members so they can cheer you on for support.

The easy-to-use-app is not only available for iOS and Android, but for your phone and tablet. The cost of the program is $19.99 a month or you can get a discount by pre-paying for a year, which is $159.99. For more info, go to the company's website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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