ARWall brings affordable high quality AR to filmmakers @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

ARWall brings affordable high quality AR to filmmakers @ CES 2020

Sunday Mar 22, 2020 (00:08:38)


Eric Narvette, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ARWall, was at CES 2020 to showcase the company's spatial imaging technology.

ARWall is the first and only solution that can deliver effectively zero-latency, with prior rigs built for TV broadcast delivering 4-12 frames of latency. With software and solutions built from the ground up for the average filmmaker, the result is a much more affordable solution with less hardware and headache.

ARWall got its start doing augmented reality special effects for film and television. The company created a solution that eliminated the need for greenscreen on productions, by updating rear projections, providing virtual environments that the actors could see, with more reactive lighting to sets, with true parallax.

The challenge that ARWall overcame was the locked camera issue, creating a smart software system providing six degrees of freedom for the camera itself, enabling filmmakers to get in close to the actor, use hand-held equipment, use a camera dolly or anything else, and the image behind the scene remains responsive to the point of view of the camera.

The next step was making the system accessible and interactive for the average consumer. The company addressed the consumer challenge by utilizing camera arrays, computer vision, and a variety of methods to help determine where the user is standing, essentially making the user the camera. Now, wherever the user looks or stands, the system responds as if there's a window that's been cut into the virtual space and allows them to move around inside that tracked volume.

The end goal is to create customer service kiosks at a store threshold, digital showrooms to display a large catalog, social activations with AR photo booths and games, interactive promotional signage, and much more. ARwall Interactive won "Best AR Experience" at CES 2020 DreamlandXR.

Learn more about ARWall at their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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