OxiCool has a wonderful solution to keep your home cool @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

OxiCool has a wonderful solution to keep your home cool @ CES 2020

Monday Mar 2, 2020 (00:12:41)


Climate change certainly is quite a hot topic this century and the debates around it have been heating up exponentially in recent years. A good amount of people have taken notice and want to do what they can to aid in the solution to this ever-increasing world problem. And whether directly related to that or not, there are also a lot of businesses that are adding their solutions to the debate. Every year now, there are significant contributions to the technology in areas like recycling, electric vehicles and solar and wind power solutions.

OxiCool, based in the United States, is one of these companies that want to make a difference and has decided to take it head-on with an impressive new use of technology. Air conditioning has become more and more prevalent as the temperatures throughout this county have risen. There are states in the northern section of the country that, in the past, residents have never even needed to have air conditioners in their homes. And even those that eventually felt the need to had a little assistance with cooling only used a window unit or two in key spots of the house. This is quickly changing to where more and more residents in these areas are beginning to add central A/C units to cover the same square footage as the heating in their home. Not only are the emissions, in general, from air conditioning bad for the environment, but traditional air conditioning units account for almost one half of the electricity used in homes during the summer. This is where OxiCool is breezing in with a cool solution.

The company claims to have a simple solution for a problem that has puzzled the cooling and air conditioning industry for over 100 years. By using only natural elements (i.e. earth, water, air, and fire), OxiCool produces zero emissions from its refrigerant and therefore reduces the ever-increasing demand that is placed on the aging power grids throughout the country. As a bonus and equally important to some, the system is incredibly silent. So you not only get to save money but also relax in total comfort while also helping to save the planet. Per their website, OxiCool is the only air conditioning system in the world that uses no toxic substances of any kind and produces zero emissions from its refrigerant, as it uses only pure water as the only refrigerant.

So, how does all of this work? Excellent question. Without getting into all of the technical information that you can learn by watching the full interview in combination with visiting their website, OxiCool is powered by what they have coined, OciCell, which are inside of a closed-loop. Therefore they are maintenance-free, molecular sieve cells that are manufactured in a cleanroom. And when complete, not even a single water molecule can escape through the life of the system. So low maintenance that you never even have to add or change the water, or the molecular sieves inside.

On to what I'm sure is everybody's next question... Price. One would expect that such new and cutting edge technology would come at a price. And we have to say that we were pleasantly surprised to learn that, although these units are not cheap by any means, they aren't that much more than replacing with a standard unit, when you consider how new it is and all that is involved with its creation. Per the website, a 20,000 BTU/hr system with four in-home heat exchangers is estimated to be about $10,000. They are currently available on their website for pre-order with a fully refundable down payment of only $100. The units are being manufactured in the order as each is received.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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