Petrics Helps Owners Shed Pet Pounds - Show Notes

Petrics Helps Owners Shed Pet Pounds

Sunday Feb 25, 2018 (00:04:54)


Just as in humans, obesity in cats and dogs brings health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Over half of the pets in American households are overweight and this reduces their life expectancy by several years. Petrics want to help owners spend less time managing their pets and more time loving them with a couple of new products aimed at reducing obesity. No treats for Todd from Edward.

Winners of two CES Innovation awards, Petrics are coming at the problem from two fronts. First Petrics have a Health & Nutrition application which records the animal's food and exercise, but also guides the owner towards appropriate meal choices for their pet. Second, Petrics are launching a smart pet bed which works with an activity tracker to measure pet exercise and weight. This will pass information to the Health & Nutrition app, giving the owner current and historical information about their animal's condition to see if new regimes are having the right impact.

The app and bed will be coming to the market early in 2018, priced at $100-$300 depending on the size of the bed.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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