The Simple Grace of a Stingray in an Awesome Drone - Show Notes

The Simple Grace of a Stingray in an Awesome Drone

Monday Feb 20, 2017 (00:16:16)


In adventures as well as in life, we progress. If not, we stand still. And for the robotic company, PowerVision, standing still is simply not an option. Their mission is to "innovate the future". They are doing just that by bringing useful and fun robotic devices to the marketplace and making them as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Their products range from smart drones, data visualization and forecasting, virtual reality and augmented reality.

On our last day at CES 2017, right about that time when pure exhaustion was about to set in and we weren't sure if there was anything left original enough to showcase, we came upon the PowerVision booth and became instantly energized while speaking with Senior Director of Sales, Merlin B. Love.

We definitely enjoyed getting a closer look at their line of drones, especially the Power Egg with it's unique and brilliant design and Maestro gesture based remote control. But what really captured our attention was the new and one of a kind Power Ray. This amazing underwater drone has been designed to be the next best thing in fishing with its onboard, and removable, sonar based fish finder that tracks back to the app. This will give you the topography of the body of water as well as the relative size and position of nearby fish. And better than just locating the fish, you'll be able to drive right over to them and engage with the remote precision bait drop that allows you to connect the fishing line from your pole to catch the fish, all while directing and watching it live from the brilliant 4K camera. The camera also allows you to scout out the area as you try to avoid the little nibbles while going for the biggest catch of the day. How could they possibly top this, you ask? How about being able to accessorize your Power Ray with a VR headset that also includes Maestro technology so you will be able to dive right into the experience and also drive the Power Ray by turning your head and "swimming" along in first person view, all in real time.

Even though the design was originally inspired to take fishing to a whole other depth, they are also really excited to see the various fun and original ways that consumers will end up using this technology. And so are we. From adventures in snorkeling and scuba diving to family vacations at the lake or the beach, the footage captured via the beautiful 4K camera is certain to be wonderful. The folks at PowerVision can't wait to see what types of footage starts popping up with the hashtag #PowerRay. The creative capabilities are uncharted and basically limitless.

Pricing has not yet been determined for the Power Ray, but check out their website as pre-orders will begin on February 27th. Also, you can purchase the Power Egg drone now on Amazon.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events for the Tech Podcast Network.

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