Bringing Back the Community Feel in a Big Way - Show Notes

Bringing Back the Community Feel in a Big Way

Wednesday Feb 15, 2017 (00:07:37)


Not everyone loves the hustle and bustle kind of lifestyle that urban sprawl has created. More and more modern communities are starting to follow suit with places like Brooklyn, Palo Alto and the many gated communities in Florida. The folks at Eli Electric Vehicles are excited about this change in urbanization and have developed a small electric vehicle that they feel aids in bringing people together in a community-like fashion.

The Eli Zero is a wonderful little vehicle that is a combination of a car and a golf cart. This new concept of urban and neighborhood vehicle drives with the comfort and convenience of a car but also the fun of a golf cart. It is street legal under the rules of LSEV (low speed electric vehicle) with a top speed per regulation of 25 miles per hour. It's perfect for driving short distances. The interior of this two-seater is simple and has been reimagined to remove the items on the dashboard that are not really necessary for this type of driving. There is a steering wheel, a radio and even heating and air conditioning. There is also a trunk that can fit a couple pieces small luggage or one large suitcase. It has two driving modes: Easy Mode will drive just like a golf cart with just one pedal the you press to go and release pressure to stop, and Traditional Mode which drives like a car with the pedal and brake.

Available later in 2017, there will be a model with a range of 40 miles and one with a range of 75 miles. Both have a sleek and modern design that have the look, experience and feel of a modern community that everybody can enjoy. Prices will start at about $10,000. Keep an eye on their production progress on their website.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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