Boost up the Stereo and Enjoy the Original Functionality - Show Notes

Boost up the Stereo and Enjoy the Original Functionality

Wednesday Feb 15, 2017 (00:05:47)


Cars and trucks don't just get us from point a to point b anymore. Modern vehicles also have really great tech packages included, as well. Car interiors have come a long way too. The look and function of the dashboards and touch screens are a selling feature all of their own. And even though the radios are much improved over models from the past, there are still those who simply love creating their own sound systems to customize their vehicles. That, however, has become more difficult because once you remove the factory amplifier, you loose the functionality that was built into the display, and nobody wants that.

Kenwood now has a solution to this problem. Their new ADS Maestro line allows you to keep the functionality of your great looking dash and upgrade the stereo system both. With Maestro AR, you are able to take that factory signal that is built into the amp and convert it so that you can use their new amp as well as the all of the pre-existing functions in the vehicle's touch screen.

Don't let the process scare you. Although this type of installation use to include a lot of very complex wiring, Maestro has simplified it with their T Harness for an easy connection. There is also a phone app that makes setup a breeze. And in typical Kenwood fashion, the specs are tight with 75 watts by 6 rms, 6 channels of amplification and 4 channels of pre-outs that allow you to add additional amps.

They offer all of this at a price that is far below the competition for a system of this level. The amp is $800, the Maestro AR is $129 and the T Harnesses are $40. For more information, check them out on their website.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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