More Simplicity for your Tech Life with Hitachi and Roku - Show Notes

More Simplicity for your Tech Life with Hitachi and Roku

Saturday Feb 11, 2017 (00:06:52)


We all search for the best picture quality when looking to purchase a new TV, but now there is so much more that we want included in our sets. And Hitachi brings it with their line of 4k TVs with Roku built in. They bring together Hitachi's hardware with Roku's software for a truly amazing viewing experience.

The sets are currently available in three sizes: 50", 55" and everybody's favorite, the 65". The line will be expanding to ten by the end of the year with sizes ranging from 43" to 65" with three different packages available. This gives everybody, regardless of room size or budget, the chance to own a TV with amazing picture quality and the luxury of all that Roku has to offer. That luxury, by the way, consists of over 400 channels and 450,000 movies and shows with a user interface that is extremely easy to operate. The basic package will come with a small and simple remote control for ease of use, while the next two tiers will include full size, advanced remotes, some of which include a headphone jack to make your lives so much easier when you are watching your favorite show and realize that somebody else in the room needs some quiet time.

You can find the Hitachi line of 4K Televisions at Sam's Club and other major retailers. There are numerous price points available depending upon which set you choose and from where. We found a nice selection starting at about $300 from Amazon, check them out and choose your favorite.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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