This Superior 360° Camera Will Blow Your Mind - Show Notes

This Superior 360° Camera Will Blow Your Mind

Friday Feb 10, 2017 (00:09:43)


Panono started off developing a spherical 360° degree camera that could be thrown up in the air and at its highest point, would snap a picture. And although the camera can still do that, the endeavor has turned into so much more. Panono is now proud to boast that their 360° camera has the best resolution of any other on the market today, at an impressive 16k by 8k. The resulting photos are amazingly sharp, even when zoomed in.

Inside, there are a total of 36 camera modules, each with 3 megapixels. After the images are captured, they are blended together, seamlessly in their cloud. The resulting pictures can then be shared on social media, to your own website or even used on VR headsets. And although they are great for the avid traveler and picture taker, they are also perfect for commercial applications. Retailers or restaurants can take a picture of their locations to be added to their websites and to show up in web searches. They are perfect for real estate agents for adding great, multi room shots of their listings. Even the construction and insurance industries would have great use for an exceptional camera such as this. The 360° shot will draw customers in and the crisp detail will make the sale.

The camera is about the size of a grapefruit and weighs approximately one pound. It retails for $1,999 from their website and comes with the case. There are also add on accessories available, including a messenger bag and selfie stick, with a tripod coming soon. And don't forget to check out their featured images from some of users who choose to make their photos public.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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