Make Remarkable Music and Own Your Sound with Synthstrom - Show Notes

Make Remarkable Music and Own Your Sound with Synthstrom

Sunday Jan 29, 2017 (00:07:27)


It's fun to make your own electronic music but having to be tied to a computer all day and night for work and play gets exhausting and frustrating. Here's a great alternative: Synthstrom Deluge, the entirely portable workstation that is everything you need to make incredible music anywhere the mood strikes you.

We had the best time hanging out with Ian with this year at CES 2017. Ian is part of Synthstrom Audible, which is a boutique electronics manufacturer in New Zealand. They began their journey 3 years ago to create the ultimate portable music making machine that encompasses a synthesizer, sequencer and sampler. Their first production included about 15 initial units that they sold to friends and local musicians so that they could get feedback and an understanding of how it was working for them, what they liked and didn't.

This lead the way to the current model, the Deluge, which will be rolling out in March of 2017. This unit boasts of versatility, and rightly so. It is extremely lightweight and goes from fully wireless to plugging in your way with multiple outputs on the back. But don't let its ease of use fool you, it is a sturdy unit and quite tactile with a labyrinth of buttons and knobs. And let's not forget the ability to customize almost everything about it, from the color scheme to changing up the presets in any manner you'd like.

The possibilities are endless. You can lay down multiple rows and combine them into your tracts. You will find yourself just getting lost in the waves for hours upon end. Allante said it best when showing off Ian's abilities. This man's got the beats right here!

The company provides details and tutorials that better explain the intricacies of the product line. Their pre-orders have concluded, however you can sign up for their newsletter and waiting list for the next availability.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events for the Tech Podcast Network.

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Allante Sparks

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