Capture Moments of Extreme Sporting with the Panasonic A1 Adventure Cam - Show Notes

Capture Moments of Extreme Sporting with the Panasonic A1 Adventure Cam

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:04:22)


Participating in any sort of extreme sport or race is often a grueling task with the ultimate reward sometimes being the ability to simply finish the event. But other than maybe a few snapshots of the finish line, they can often be very hard to document. Unless, of course, you have the Panasonic A1 Adventure cam.

The A1, displayed at CES, is a super light, wearable HD camera, coming in at just 1.6 ounces and 3.3 inches. That leaves little burden on the wearer as they hit the slopes, the mud or the waves. With that in mind, the camera is water, shock, dust and freeze proof and has a built-in wi-fi connection for uploading the data. The device can record for up to an hour or at 2 hours and 45 minutes with an extended battery accessory.

The camera does include mounts and a night vision IR lens. It retails for $199 and is available now.

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