The Internet of Everything Goes Modular with Nexpaq - Show Notes

The Internet of Everything Goes Modular with Nexpaq

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:05:41)


Almost everyone, at one time or another, has searched for a new cell phone case and said, "I wish there was one that did this." Well now, there is! Nexpaq is the first smartphone case that allows users to customize and enhance their smartphone case with modular inserts that perform a variety of functions that make your phone convertible with super powers. From simple modules like an extra battery or a better speaker, to modules that are equipped with specific sensing abilities like temperature readings or even a blood-glucose meter. There's also a programmable hotkey to customize so you can easily access your favorite existing phone function.

Each module is like a building block, allowing them to be interchangeable. Get the ones you want and go crazy. You can have a different handset every day, customized to that day's activities. The modules are interchangeable between platforms and are even social, allowing you to bring up an interactive map to let you know of others in the area who also have modules that can be shared.

And let's not forget the Developer Kit. Nexpaq wants to help take their module concept to the limits of our imaginations by allowing everybody to develop their own ideas into modules. The sky is the limit and they fully expect there to be thousands of modules available in the next few years. What's better than that is they will actually help by assisting with the standardization and distribution of the feasible and cost effective ideas. Nexpaq has also created Hackathons to connect developers with engineers to get the creative juices flowing and help to bring these ideas to fruition.

Phone cases are available now and start at $99 with various prices for the modules ranging from $4.90 to $44.90. The Developer Kits are also available for $299.

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