Nvidia's Announces Supercomputer for Self-Driving Vehicles, the Drive PX2 - Show Notes

Nvidia's Announces Supercomputer for Self-Driving Vehicles, the Drive PX2

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:05:44)


When I was a college student, I often found commuting by train versus car much more enjoyable, offering opportunities for studying or a quick nap as opposed to traffic and trips to the gas station. While a nap probably isn't recommended, the idea of self-driving cars is certainly an interesting one and Nvidia shook the landscape of that area at CES.

Announced at the event was Nvidia's Drive PX2 platform, a supercomputer for self-driving automobiles. Senior manager of automotive integration Dave Anderson said at CES the platform has the power of 150 MacBook Pros. That allows for the integration of a number of different sensor types fused into information that can be calculated by the platform. That is overlaid with other information and map data to guide the vehicle.

Even more exciting is that this type of technology isn't too far off. Anderson noted that Nvidia has partnered with Volvo, which will equip 100 vehicles with Drive PX 2 for a trial in 2017.

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