Toyota Shows Off Future Tech with FCV, the Future Concept Vehicle - Show Notes

Toyota Shows Off Future Tech with FCV, the Future Concept Vehicle

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:04:39)


One of the biggest questions asked during a majority of events at CES was "when can I get this product?" But at the Toyota booth, the automobile giant hyped up one of its products for the future.

On display was the FCV Plus, Toyota's concept vehicle designed around fuel cell technology. According to product specialist Maggie Clark, the idea for the car is that it will generate enough electricity to wirelessly charge an electric vehicle that is alongside of it, or it could be used to power up to 10 homes on a single block. The FCV is essentially a mobile and stable source of electric power and Clark added that the fuel cell stack can be removed and continued to be put to use even after the life of the vehicle has expired.

Of course, Clark said that this type of product isn't expected to be ready until 2030, but she did add that Toyota does currently have available (in California and Japan) the first fuel celled vehicle on the market in the Mirai. It retails for $57,500.

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